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Święta i uroczystości na świecie

Makau - święta państwowe i dni wolne od pracy na świecie - 1970-2070

Pełny kalendarz na świąt i dni wolny od pracy na świecie, od 1970 do 2070 for Makau

Internet domain: .mo - Telephone code: +853 - International dialing code: 00
Waluta: Pataca (MOP) ... Przelicz tutaj !
Weekend : niedziela

Chinese (1 billion speakers in 5 countries), Portuguese (160 million speakers in 7 countries) ...
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Nazwa Data typu więcej
Chińskie Walentynki*sobota 9 sierpnia, 2014Pocztówki/Kwiaty 
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Festiwal Duch¨Žw*niedziela 17 sierpnia, 2014Wydarzenia, uroczystości... 
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Letnie wakacje (koniec)piątek 29 sierpnia, 2014Wakacje szkolne 
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Festiwal Końca Jesieniwtorek 16 września, 2014Swieckich urlop 
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Chińskie Walentynki -
wtorek 9 sierpnia, 2016

Pocztówki/Kwiaty : It was said that the Goddess of Heaven, out of pity, decided to let them unite once on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month as she was touched by their love for each other. In some versions it is the Emperor of Heaven, the cowherd's father, or the cowherd's mother who has the role of separating the lovers for them to focus on their work instead of romance. The star Deneb is a fairy who acts as a chaperone when the lovers meet on the magpie bridge. Rather than once a year, there is a version where the lovers were permitted to reunite once a month. There is a belief that sometime during the night of Qixi, the two stars Altair and Vega will actually unite on the same side of the Milky Way. Similar stories are told throughout Asia: in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Laos and Indonesia. In South-east Asia the stories were known as Sudhana Jataka, believed to be one of the stories of the past lives of the Buddha, or the jataka [Wikipedia]

Festiwal Duch¨Žw -
środa 17 sierpnia, 2016

Kultura : Hungry Ghost Festival (ÖĐÔŞš / ÖĐÔŞ˝Ú) falls in the middle of the Ghost Month, supposed to be a bad time for business. Spirits being in high gear, thet are treated with a sumptuous feast, to please them and to bring luck to the family.

Letnie wakacje (koniec) -
poniedziałek 29 sierpnia, 2016

Wakacje Szkolne (prosimy sprawdzić podwójne) :

Festiwal Końca Jesieni -
piątek 16 września, 2016

Swieckich urlop :